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Winter Foods to Avoid for Healthier Teeth

Posted on 1/27/2017 by Office Manager
A cup of hot chocolate.
During the winter, we all tend to be a little more lenient about the sweet treats we let ourselves indulge in. However, those little indulgences are not the only thing that can harm our teeth in the wintertime. If you want to keep your teeth healthy and looking great all winter long, then make sure you avoid these foods as much as you possibly can.

Foods to Make Sure You Steer Clear of This Winter

Sticky treats are some of the worst things that you can eat. From caramels that dot nearly every holiday tray all year long, to cinnamon buns that tend to stick to your teeth for hours after eating them, they should be avoided.

Not only do they stick and cause damage until they are brushed off, but they can also pull on loose teeth, pull out fillings, and wreak havoc under the gum line.

Hot beverages are great to hold on to when it is cold outside, but they can be very harmful to your mouth. Sipping something that is too hot can cause damage to your teeth, gums, tongue, lips, and even the roof of your mouth.

Anyone that has ever burned the roof of their mouth with pizza that was too hot knows this misery. If you are going to have hot beverages this time of year, make sure they are not too hot for your mouth to safely handle.

If you are going to indulge in a few extra sweet treats this winter, make sure you go with ones that leave your mouth as quickly as possible. Don't suck on hard candies for long periods or eat foods that stick around. Instead, opt for treats that are gone nearly as quickly as you can chew them.

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