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The Hazards of Simple Carbs When It Comes to Your Teeth

Posted on 4/27/2017 by Office Manager
A cup of cold soda full of sugar.
There are simple carbs everywhere we look. From crackers to chips to toast to other snack foods that are all around, simple carbs are more abundant than ever.

The occasional simple carb is alright to eat, but every one that you eat has the potential to do a number on your teeth.

Instead of reaching for that donut or saltine, next time, try finding something with a bit more substance. Your teeth will thank you for it!

What Happens When You Eat Simple Carbs

Simple carbohydrates break down into simple sugars. Those simple sugars break down your teeth. They feed the bacteria in your mouth and promote tooth decay. It only takes a few minutes for simple carbs to begin turning into sugars.

Complex carbs are far better for your mouth, as the particles take longer to break down into sugars, and typically, by that time, you have brushed your teeth. Then, the debris that was left after eating the carb, is brushed away.

Instead of reaching for simple carbs, you may want to try and go for something that's whole grain. It gives your body a lot more nutritional benefit, plus it doesn't do nearly as much damage to your teeth between when you eat the carbs and when you are able to brush.

If you regularly fill up on simple carbs, then you need to go in and speak with your dentist. Let them know that this is a regular part of your diet, and make sure they take a really good look around your mouth.

When simple carbs are a regular part of your diet, tooth decay is something you are likely to be a bit more prone to. Please contact our office about things you can do to help protect your teeth today!

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