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Why Coconut Water is The Ideal Drink Following an Extraction

Posted on 6/15/2017 by Office Manager
A coconut sliced open and its water poured into a bowl.
After you get a tooth extracted, the area is going to be sore. You are going to have very specific instructions to follow, including what you are allowed to eat and what foods and drinks you must avoid.

One of the items that is nearly always on the safe list is coconut water. It is great for your mouth, and great for your entire body. If you are about to have a tooth extracted, you may want to stock up on some first.

The Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

When you drink coconut water, you are refilling your body with electrolytes, which have likely been lost between the surgery and your inability to eat much.

The more coconut water you are able to drink, the more natural electrolytes you can consume. Plus, you can chill the coconut water, making it something that you can drink that can help any swelling you may have inside your mouth at that point.

The other benefit to drinking coconut water is that it balances out the blood sugar levels of the body. If you are a day or two post-op, then your body is likely struggling to keep your blood sugar stable due to a lack of food. By drinking a bit of coconut water, you can balance those levels out and keep your body from struggling during recovery.

Find out from your oral surgeon or dentist if coconut water is safe, but it often is one of the safest items to consume following a tooth extraction. Just one note to be aware of.

Do not ever drink it through a straw following an extraction, because drinking out of a straw can remove your clot and cause dry socket. That is a painful experience you want to avoid at all costs. For more information, contact our office today!

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