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Would Your Mouth Be Healthier if You Use a Water Flosser?

Posted on 1/13/2018 by Office Manager
Water Flosser Spalding Dental AK 99503-2838If you are wondering if water flossers make your mouth healthier, the answer is yes. Water floss uses a pressurized stream of water to remove trapped debris between your teeth. It is a good alternative to manual flosses which can impact your gums.

Water flossers can dislodge hard to remove food particles trapped in your teeth and can flush bacteria off the recesses of your teeth. This alternative method of cleaning your teeth contributes to your oral hygiene and a good dental durability.

Water Flossers Reduce Bleeding Caused by Manual Flossing

If you have sensitive gums, the manual use of a dental floss can have harsh effects on the gums. Bleeding sometimes happens with forcible use causing gingivitis.

Water flossers are much more gentle and preferable than regular flosses that uses a hygienic string to remove stuck food particles because it lessens contact with the gums.

People with dental braces greatly benefit from using water floss because it can easily reach in between teeth where the braces can obstruct. The pressurized water simply injects a stream of water flushing the trapped debris and bacteria away.

People with Dry Mouth Also Benefit from Water Floss

If you are taking medications that leave you with a dry mouth or you are genetically predisposed to produce less saliva, it can lead to serious plaque and cavity buildup. This is one of the leading factors of having a gum disease as saliva prevents the accumulation of plaque.

Using a water flosser is a convenient way of dislodging hard to remove plaque due to a dry mouth. Although not a permanent solution, it is a good option to get rid of cavities that cause gum disease.

A water flosser is a great alternative to manual flosses. If you want to find out more, simply give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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