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When Old Fillings Need Replacing

Posted on 2/23/2018 by Office Manager
Dental Fillings Spalding Dental AK 99503-2838Sometimes old fillings need to be replaced in the mouth. This is something that is more common than you think. Not only are fillings something that can protect the teeth for quite some time, they are usually built to last pretty long - just not forever.

The integrity of the filling also depends on the material that is used to fill the tooth, as well as the dentist that has done the filling. Some will provide a stronger filling than others depending on their experience and expertise in the field.

Many of them take precautions to provide the best dental care for their patients, while others try to get as many in and out of the office as possible.

Is it the Same Process?

Having a new filling put into the mouth means that you will have the same type of procedure, but with less pain in the area. They will remove the previous filling by drilling parts of it out.

They then clean out the tooth and put a new filling in it and bond it. This bond is done to ensure that the filling is going to stay for a bit more than the other one.

The process is one that is not extremely lengthy and it does not cause a lot of pain which is always a good thing. However, if you lose the entire filling, then going in as soon as possible is recommended since the tooth can break or you can find that you have oral pain because of the tooth being exposed.

If you are in need of new fillings or any fillings, make sure to give our dental office a call. We can provide you with not only more information on what needs to be done, but also provide an exam to assess the situation that you have. Give us a call today and let us speak with you more about your filling needs.
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