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When are Glass Filings a Good Option?

Posted on 8/23/2018 by Office Manager
When are Glass Filings a Good Option?A survey by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted between 1999 and 2004, concluded that 92-percent of American adults have cavities in their permanent teeth, with an average of 4.61 having filled teeth. Chances are you either have a cavity that needs a filling, or you will get one in the future.

With the advancement of dentistry, patients have more options than ever to get their cavities filled. Some are even removing the noticeable silver ones, for more aesthetic composite, or white fillings, but did you know there are also glass fillings?

Are Glass Ionomer Cement Fillings a Good Alternative?

The porous material used in glass ionomer fillings adheres to teeth better than composite resin and doesn't need bonding, but is less durable and not recommended for molars, that are used for chewing hard foods.

Advantages of Using Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass ionomer cement is easy to mix and only requires water, to make the paste that will cover the cavity. It also does not require the use of UV illumination to harden the material, like in the case of composites.

These two things are enough to make it a more affordable filling material for you and our office. Glass fillings also release fluoride, which helps protect teeth and prevents cavities, an important property to prevent cavities.

Another surprising development found by researchers studying the durability of glass ionomer fillings is that when combined with acid, the material is stronger and more durable.

Disadvantages of Using Glass Ionomer Fillings

Lack of durability for the back teeth makes using glass ionomer fillings a less convenient material to use for cavities. It can work well for in certain situations such as when small children have cavities, as they don't have their permanent teeth out yet. Because it's in the early stages of development, glass fillings still have frequent recalls due to problems for patients or dentists.

While glass ionomer fillings could potentially turn into an exciting, less costly options for fillings, there is still more research and work to do, to make them convenient for our patients.

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