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How Long Does a Filling Take to Cure

Posted on 9/20/2018 by Office Manager
How Long Does a Filling Take to CureA dental filling is a treatment that we use to restore the function, integrity, and appearance of your missing tooth. This is recommended when your tooth becomes damaged by decay as it will restore your tooth to its normal function and shape.

Typically, this is done with a material such as gold, porcelain, a composite resin that results in a tooth-colored filling, or amalgam which is an alloy that's composed of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and sometimes zinc.

Curing Your Dental Filling

Typically, it only takes about 20 minutes to fill and cure your tooth. Sometimes it will take longer if there's a lot of decay or your tooth is hard to access. Once your tooth is filled, it does take some time for the filling to cure unless you get a composite resin filling, which will cure right away. How long it takes for your dental filling to cure depends on what material is used. Gold, porcelain, and amalgam fillings tend to take longer to cure though.

Essentially the curing process simply means that the filling material becomes dry and returns to a solid form. As such, when you think about it this way you can understand how it will take some materials longer than others for this process to complete.

Tips for Caring for Your Dental Filling as it Cures

After we fill your tooth, you'll want to chew slowly and bite lightly while avoiding sticky foods, as well as nuts, hard candy, ice, and sweets. It's also a good idea to avoid hot or warm drinks. This is advisable for the first 24 hours after your filling. You may also experience some soreness throughout this time, especially if you get a bruise from the anesthetic injection.

Your dental filling won't take long at all. It's not something you should avoid. Doing so will only lead to worse problems that will take up a lot more of your time. This is why you'll want to give us a call and schedule your filling today.
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