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Dental Bridges
Anchorage, AK

What are Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can restore your bite, and improve your function by filling in missing teeth with false teeth.

Having a customized dental bridge can allow you to chew foods that you've avoided while also restoring your aesthetic.

Our team at Spalding Dental in Anchorage, AK can evaluate your teeth, your bite, and your needs, and then with that information, together, along with Dr. Charles Spalding or Dr. Shannon Spalding create a treatment plan that is right for you.

What materials are used in Dental Bridges

Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Dental bridges are a fixed, or permanent, dental appliance that restores both the structure of your oral cavity, and the function of your teeth, after the patient has lost a single, or multiple, teeth.

These customized appliances are non-removable, meaning they will become a permanent part of your smile, though they will occasionally require re-cementing, and even replacement.

More on Bridges

Dr. Charles Spalding and Dr. Shannon Spalding will review the variety of options with you concerning your device, there are various materials, and ways to attach your bridge that can add to your comfort. We will examine all of these options, taking into consideration your health, your finances, and your needs to help you choose the option that is right for your needs.

The most common dental bridge is known as a traditional bridge. It is made using a blend of metal that is coated in porcelain, making it strong, and visually appealing. Your bridge is held in place using two dental crowns that are placed over two healthy supporting teeth, or over two dental implants.

What many Anchorage patients do not understand is the importance of two solid supports that will serve as anchors for your bridge. If we are using two healthy teeth to serve as anchors, we will need to make permanent changes to those original teeth, we need to decrease the size of the teeth in order to fit the crowns. This means that the teeth are permanently altered, something that some patients may not like.

Some patients may choose to have their bridge retained using dental implants. Implants are titanium posts that Dr. Charles Spalding or Dr. Shannon Spalding are able to insert directly into your jawbone. After it heals, this post will serve as a strong foundation for a dental crown, which can be used to replace missing teeth, or can be used as an anchor to support a denture or bridge. We will review these options with you at the time of consultation. Patients love this option because it is a permanent solution.

Why do patients have missing teeth restored with a dental bridge?

We are happy to review many reasons that patients may want to consider the placement of a dental bridge, some of the most common include:

•  Patients may want to improve the look of their smile. Missing teeth can cause embarrassment and social anxiety.
•  Improve the patient's normal chewing function.
•  Assist the patient in restoring their speaking ability. Missing teeth can cause speech defects that can be worrisome.
•  Improve your facial shape. Missing teeth can give patients the sunken facial appearance that we commonly associate with appearing older. We can fill out your face by restoring your teeth.
•  Prevent bite issues or TMJ issues from shifting teeth. Missing teeth allows room for teeth to move, changing your bite, and possibly how your jaws fit together, leading to discomfort and pain.

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