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Dental Implants
Anchorage, AK

Dental Implants Intro

Tooth loss has a significant impact on your life, no matter if it's one tooth or all of them. Not only does it affect your smile, it can also make eating quite difficult. There are a variety of causes for tooth loss - accidents, receding gums, broken teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, infections. At Anchorage Dental Associates, we can provide you with just the fix. Dental implants can restore your smile and let you live your life normally.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Consultation

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Implants are placed within your jaw and false teeth are installed on them. They can be used for any number of missing teeth, from one to the whole bridge. Rather than being supported by the surrounding teeth (if you are only missing a few) or your gums (if you are missing the entire bridge), the false teeth, which look just like your natural teeth, are supported by the implant.

Why Implants?

Dental implants offer a few advantages over bridges and dentures. For one, they are permanent. Unlike dentures, they don't need to be removed each night or placed in just right with adhesive like dentures. They don't require shaving down perfectly good teeth as a bridge would.

Another advantage of dental implants is the effect they have on your jaw health. When you lose teeth, your jawbone can deteriorate. Because implants go into the jaw, acting like a root, they can slow, and even stop, this deterioration, maintaining the integrity of your jaw.

Implant Process

Once you are determined to be a good candidate for implants, on the day of your surgery, you will be given a local anesthetic. Any unsalvageable teeth will be removed. Holes will be drilled into your jaw and the implants placed. The exact number needed will be determined by the dentist. Impressions will then be taken in order for a lab to fabricate your permanent false teeth. While you heal, you will be given a temporary set to use.


The recovery process takes several weeks. As you heal, it is recommended that you start with a liquid diet, eventually moving on to eat only soft foods. You will visit our office frequently to ensure that you are healing properly.

Permanent Fix

When you are fully healed, you will return to the office to receive your permanent false teeth. The permanent teeth will be screwed in. Once they are in, you can go back to eating all of your favorite foods. You should care for your false teeth as you would regular teeth. It is important to the health of your gums, and the rest of your mouth, that you do so in order to prevent gum disease or other issues. You should also continue to visit the office twice a year for exams. This will also help prevent major health problems as well as make sure your false teeth are in excellent condition. If they do require maintenance, the dentist can remove them to perform the necessary repairs.

Don't let tooth loss affect your life. With dental implants, not only can your smile be restored to its former beauty, you will be able to live your life just as you did before you lost your teeth. To discuss your options, call Anchorage Dental Associates today at (907) 276-7366 to schedule an appointment.
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