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If you are missing several or all of your teeth, Spalding Dental offers several tooth restoration options to help repair your smile. From full dentures to fixed porcelain bridges, we have you covered.

Full Dentures

If you are missing an entire arch of teeth, you may want to consider a full denture. A full denture is a removable prosthesis that consists of artificial teeth set in an acrylic base. The base is made to match the color and texture of your natural gums. The base also allows the denture to rest on the gums firmly. If you need a full denture for the lower arch, we frequently suggest dental implants as an anchoring system. Dental implants can greatly improve the comfort and fit of a lower arch denture, as well as promote better bone health. Traditional dentures can impact the foods you eat, the way you speak, and your self-confidence. Luckily, advancements in dental technology have given rise to implant-retained dentures for both arches. This option can give you a naturally retained smile, that looks authentic, and allows you to enjoy a fully functional mouth.

Fixed Porcelain Bridges and Partial Dentures

Dentures Complete Vs Partial

If just a few teeth are missing, we may use a partial denture or fixed porcelain bridge to fill the gap. A partial denture is similar to a full denture. It consists of porcelain teeth and an acrylic base. The only difference is that a partial denture uses metal clasps that grip to your remaining teeth. This will help anchor the restoration and preserve more of your natural teeth. Partial dentures are removable and a more conservative option to fixed porcelain bridges. For some patients, a partial denture may be bulky and uncomfortable. That is why we also offer fixed porcelain bridges. A bridge is traditionally linked together by two dental crowns and a prosthetic tooth. After the adjacent teeth have been reshaped and capped with crowns, the bridge will fill the gap created by a missing tooth. This procedure usually takes two office visits, but the results are far more permanent than a partial denture. Like any restoration, your bridge may need to be repaired or replaced. However, under the right care and maintenance, your bridge could last many years.

Caring your Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, and Fixed Porcelain Bridges

Removable dentures often require an adhesive to keep them from slipping. That is why your dentures must be removed at night and cleaned. It is important to brush your tongue, palate, and gums with a soft toothbrush to remove any debris and avoid infections. Keeping a clean denture can significantly reduce your chances of developing future oral health problems. If your denture is implant based, you can treat the restoration as you would your normal teeth. Always make sure to brush and floss daily. Partial dentures also need to be removed and cleaned every night. The metal clasps can increase your chances of decay if you do not properly clean your natural teeth. Fixed porcelain bridges are highly durable, but normal wear can lead to replacement. To reduce wear, make sure to use a nonabrasive fluoride toothpaste. We suggest using a specialized floss and brush to clean in between the bridge and your gums. Keep your surrounding teeth healthy to avoid future tooth loss.

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