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Improve Your Life with Same-Day Crowns

Woman in winter clothes smiling after getting same day crowns by her Anchorage dentist at Spalding Dental.A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the visible portion of a tooth. Generally, crowns are used to restore broken, chipped, decayed, fractured, misshaped, and discolored teeth. In other words, we use crowns to improve the function and esthetics of a damaged tooth. Until relatively recently, dental crowns required a minimum of two appointments: one to prepare the tooth and one to place the crown. At Spalding Dental we use cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to provide our patients with same-day crowns. Same-day crowns have revolutionized restorative dentistry.

Same-Day Crown Procedure

Advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing make it possible for us to prepare a tooth, and fabricate a crown within a single appointment. During the procedure, we will use a file, or drum-like tool, to remove enamel and completely reshape the tooth. This allows us to accommodate the size and shape of the crown. Once the tooth is reshaped, we will apply a light dusting of reflective powder and use an intraoral camera to create a digital impression. The intraoral camera captures hundreds, even thousands of images. The computer technology combines these images to create a 3-D representation of your reshaped tooth.

After we capture the digital impression, we can begin the fabrication process. Dr. Charles Spalding will use the CAD software to create your new crown while you watch the process in real-time! Digital technology offers a level of detail unmatched by traditional impressions. This allows us to provide a more comfortable and effective dental crown.

Once we are satisfied with the design, the information will be sent to our milling unit. Next, we will pick out a block of ceramic material that best matches the color of your existing teeth. We place this block into the milling unit, which will fabricate your crown to the specifics of our design. We will then polish your new crown to produce a realistic sheen.

Dr. Charles Spalding will check the margins and fit of your new restoration. We may need to make some minor adjustments to ensure the success of your crown. Once a proper fit has been verified, we will permanently bond it to your tooth. The entire procedure can be completed in under two hours!

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

Same-day dental crowns have some benefits, some of which include:
•  Digital impressions: Three-dimensional imaging eliminates the need for sticky, messy, and uncomfortable impression material.
•  Time efficiency: We understand that many of our patients lead busy lives. Same day dental crowns eliminate the need for multiple appointments.
•  High quality: Same day crowns utilize high-quality ceramics, such as porcelain or zirconia. The digital technology also allows for more detail and improved esthetics.
•  Longevity: Sam day crowns have been proven to last for more than ten years. With the proper care, they can even last for several decades.
•  Better oral health: Same day crowns provide a better, more accurate fit. This seals off the tooth from potential infections and allows us to preserve more health enamel.

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If you are in need of a restoration, we may be able to help with same-day crowns! Call (907) 276-7366, and schedule a consultation today.
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