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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is rapidly becoming one of the top dental procedures asked for. This simple, inexpensive, process is fast, easy, and can make a huge impact on your smile.

At Spalding Dental, we have whitening options that can be done in office under the direction of Dr. Charles Spalding or Dr. Shannon Spalding, over the course of one hour, or at home in your own time frame.

Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening can remove years of stains, and the look of wear, making patients appear cleaner, healthier, and even younger.

Teeth Whitening Options

There is a large variety of options available when considering whitening your teeth. There are: homemade options, toothpaste options, over the counter options, gum options, prescribed dental kits for home, and whitening options in our office under the direction of Dr. Charles Spalding or Dr. Shannon Spalding.

There are pros and cons to all of these options, the biggest question you need to decide is, what it is you are trying to achieve? For some patients, they may decide that cost is a factor, and they are happy to have limited results.

For other patients, they may decide that they don't mind paying more to get the results they want. Having your teeth whitened by a dentist is more expensive, but is done in a controlled environment, decreasing your chance of burning the soft tissues, and guaranteeing notably whiter teeth.

The active ingredient in most whitening options is peroxide. When bought in a form that is not prescribed by a doctor, the percentage of peroxide is very limited. Compare the store products, the peroxide bought in a store will be under 5%. That's because peroxide can have the severe adverse reaction of burning your soft gum tissue, so anything more powerful than that needs to be done under the direction of a doctor.

•  Store bought whitening products most often contain about 3% peroxide.
•  Whitening kits that have been prescribed by Dr. Charles Spalding or Dr. Shannon Spalding for use at home, will contain between 3% and 20% peroxide, this is altered based on the patient.
•  Whitening treatments that are done in office under the direction of Dr. Charles Spalding or Dr. Shannon Spalding can contain anywhere from 15% to 43% peroxide, this is altered based on your needs.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Our enamel is made up of hydroxyapatite crystals, making it porous and vulnerable to staining agents. While deep stains are harmless, many people find them unattractive. These stains usually cannot be removed with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Instead, we recommend the whitening process.

How did my teeth get so stained?

Teeth get stained because they are constantly being used. We use our teeth all day long, whether eating, drinking, smoking or even engaging in conversation. Additionally, as we get older, our teeth tend to show their age. Many things we consume can cause our teeth to stain, including coffee, soda, tea, tobacco, and even many sauces such as soy sauce, tomato sauces, and more. We can remove the stains, whiten your teeth and give them a beautiful look.

Can whitening remove the stains from fluorosis or tetracycline?

Teeth whitening may not be effective on teeth that have been stained from fluorosis or tetracycline. Consult with Dr. Charles Spalding or Dr. Shannon Spalding for more information on your specific situation, but teeth whitening can be unpredictable in its results and is often assumed to not be helpful in those situations.

For more information on teeth whitening, contact our Anchorage office, our staff is happy to answer your questions and assist you in scheduling an appointment. (907) 276-7366
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