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What are Dental Bridges and What Materials are Used in Dental Bridges?

Diagram of Dental Bridge being placed on 2 Dental Implants used by Anchorage dentist at Spalding Dental.Tooth loss is a serious issue. Even losing a single tooth is a major problem that can affect just about every aspect of your life. While the tooth may not be visible when you smile, it can affect your ability to chew effectively as well as affect your speech. Over time, your healthy teeth begin to shift out of alignment, causing your teeth to become crooked, which can then impact your smile. At Spalding Dental, we can replace your missing tooth with a dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a traditional treatment used for replacing a missing tooth. It can replace up to three consecutive missing teeth. There are a few different types of bridges available, including cantilever bridges, Maryland or resin bonded bridges, and fixed bridges. Fixed bridges are the most common type or dental bridge used. This type of bridge consists of a pontic, or false, tooth. This tooth, made to resemble a natural tooth in size and shape, fills in the empty space your tooth has left behind. The pontic tooth has two dental crowns, one on each side. These crowns are there to anchor the bridge into place on the adjacent teeth, referred to as abutment teeth. The crowns are bonded into place on these teeth, keeping it securely in place.

What Materials are Used for a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges can be made from a variety of different materials. Each of these materials has their advantages as well as their disadvantages. Common materials used for dental bridges include
•  Metal. Metal crowns are made from gold or a metal alloy. These types of bridges are incredibly strong. Not only are they resistant to wear, but they are also resistant to corrosion. They are gentle on surrounding teeth, causing little to no harm, and are biocompatible. Because they are so strong, they are often ideal for replacing a tooth at the back of the mouth. The biggest drawback, however, is that they are very noticeable because of their color.
•  Porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain fused to metal bridge is one that has a metal base that is covered in a porcelain coating. The metal base provides the strength of an all metal bridge while the porcelain coating provides aesthetics. Porcelain can be made to perfectly match the color of your natural teeth. It also reflects light similar to natural tooth enamel. The biggest disadvantage to these types of bridges is that the metal can sometimes be seen through the porcelain, making it more obvious.
•  All porcelain. All porcelain bridges are made entirely from porcelain. These types of bridges provide optimal aesthetics, blending in perfectly with the rest of your surrounding teeth. The biggest drawback to these bridges is that they are not as strong as metal bridges. They may chip or break under the pressures exerted on the back of the mouth. However, they are strong enough to withstand the pressure at the front of the mouth. This, in addition to their natural appearance, makes them ideal for replacing front teeth.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Regardless of the material used, bridges provide several significant benefits. These benefits include
•  Restoring your ability to bite and chew. You can enjoy your favorite foods again. With chewing restored, your digestion and nutrition improve.
•  Improved oral health.
•  Restoring your speech.
•  Preventing your teeth from shifting out of alignment.

With a dental bridge, we can replace a missing tooth, restoring the functions of that tooth, your oral health, and your quality of life. For more information about dental bridges, and to find out if they are the right solution for you, call Spalding Dental today at (907) 276-7366.

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